We introduced Mitzeez at a popular salad bar in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Here's what people had to say...

“I think this is a great idea. ...It keeps the food clean, I think, and that’s incredibly important.“ 


“It’s great. One more way to prevent germs. I’m one of those [people] that always kind of wipes my cart down - so it’s one more benefit to prevent germs.” 


“I think it says the management is really looking out for the health of their customers.Which goes above and beyond just supplying food.” 


“I think it’s a good idea, because obviously germs are spread by hands.“ 


“I actually liked that I felt like my food wasn’t being contaminated by other peoples hands’ on the utensils. So I definitely think it’s a great idea."

“I liked it. Very healthy. I hate germs.”


“Hey, I’m scared to death of salad bars. So anybody that can improve on them.”


“I thought it was easy to use, intuitive, and keeps everything cleaner. Like the handles, so I like that. If everyone uses them it will be very good.”


“Easy to use. Keeps the utensils clean.” 


“I would recommend every grocery store to have Mitzeez - definitely.”


“I liked it. It worked well. Nice and easy. Easy to put on and easy to throw off.”